This page contains some of the frequently asked questions and answers for App Safe.

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Q: Why doesn't App Safe License launch?

PleaseĀ install App Safe, a free download, to use the App Safe service functionalities. The App Safe License does not contain an executable program, and only unlocks unlimited use of the App Safe.

Q: What does the App Safe Service do?

When App Safe service is enabled, it runs in background and prompts for password whenever a protected application is launched. The service is also started at the boot time of the phone.

Q: What happens when trial period ends?

There is a 7-day trial period for App Safe. PleaseĀ purchase App Safe License during the trial period, which will enable unlimited use of the service. If you do not purchase the license, the service will continue to run after the trial period. However, it will no longer require a password to unlock an application.